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Shanghai Wisacheam Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a hightech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company's main business includes organic synthesis, chemical technology research and development, product sales and service. We will provide clients with highquality products, competitive price, excellent service and personalized technical support.

Company follows the "professional services, trustworthy" principle of service for clients to provide quality professional services. The company's R&D center with professional pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical intermediates, special functional materials R&D and production capacity, from milligram to kilogram of R&D and production conditions. Key products include active molecules, indole, spirocyclic, bridge, pyridine, pyrimidine and quinolone, boronic acid and other heterocyclic compounds, chiral compounds. Dominant reactions include Fridel-Crafts, oxidation, reduction, addition, condensation, nitration, Grignard, palladium-catalyzed coupling and chiral compounds synthesis and separation etc.

The company will take the international market as the guide, rely on scientific and technological progress, give full play to our own advantages for clients to provide more quality products and quality services.

Note: All products related to patents are to be supplied as R&D use only, no commercial sales arrangement; Controlled products will be followed China law and buyer's country regulation.
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